O Captain, my Captain.

As a natural born observer, certain things I find more fascinating than others. My father, for instance. To those who don’t know him he is a very intimidating character, silently judging. This is because he’s rather shy, especially around my friends. Even so, he has a very professional air about him, even at home. When he congratulated me on my SAT score he sent it in an email. It’s odd habits like these that make my father one of my favorite people to observe.

He goes to the WalMart in Puerto Rico and buys tshirts specifically to wear with his bathing suits, sometimes meticulously matching the colors. The tshirts are either “Life is good.” brand or they’re my personal favorite, random laid-back tshirts (as I affectionately call them). On the back of one light orange tshirt he has it shows a picture of a beach with surf boards surrounding, with the words “BOARD MEETING: POSTPONED” above the image. Leave it to my dad to wear a shirt with a bad pun that completely goes against his personality. But there are more. One says “And the beach goes on…” while another says “Get REEL” (pictured, of course, are fishing rods by a beach). These silly plays on words are almost ludicrous in comparison to his usually uptight, staid persona.

It makes me wonder how much I really know my own dad. Oh, but I’ll never stop observing.

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