We live

Through winter so that we may enjoy summer. We fight wars so that we may have peace. This is the way it is and always shall be. With no evil, there cannot be good. This evil is necessary and ubiquitous, but after we have defeated it and lived through it there is good. Something waiting for us after the suffering is over… for after all, life is suffering. And the suffering in life is payment, it lets us have a benevolent after. Only through suffering can we achieve happiness, for all happiness is really, is being free from suffering. This is why the end, when it comes, will be beautiful. It will be the most delicious breakfast you’ve ever had, it will be a gift given to you for no reason at all, it will every single small thing you love jumbled together to make something real, something tangible. “Heaven” isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.

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