Yes or no?


It’s a simple question, really. Like, have you ever ridden a rollercoaster? You have or you haven’t. Simple as that.

So why, with this one question, does changing the answer mean so much? It’s a little hard to think about. One day your answer is yes and the very next day it could be no, with no warning or expectation.

It’s sort of like growing up. Are you a teenager? Yes or no? Soon, we won’t be. Soon, we won’t have “just being a teenager” as a reason to excuse our immature behavior. Soon, we’ll have to grow the fuck up. And it scary as hell.

I think the night before I turn 18 I’m going to have a miniature life crisis. I’ll cry a little, call people I haven’t talked to since grade school, look through old pictures, make a wish at 11:11 to just go back to being 7 years old forever. When everything was simple, and responsibility was just a big word that grown-ups said a lot. When every day was an adventure to learn new things and to explore new places.

And yet, I’m only 17. Right now, to me, it feels old. But I know when I’m 30 I’ll be doing this exact same thing, wishing I was 17 again with no worries. Who knows? Growing up could be fun. After all, it’s just another adventure. Why not make it count?

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