wrote this in class.

I’m doing this on purpose. Making you feel like shit. I’ve done this before… and to what end? To bring you down to the same realm of almost non-existent self-esteem that I dwell in? Will it work?
Maybe that’s what I’m doing. I’m testing you. Maybe you’ll see what I’m doing and call me out. You’re supposed to be able to see it. Through me. This is your chance. You can be the one worth coming out of my head for.

I’m a bully, that’s what I am. Making you feel bad about yourself empowers me. It’s a rush. I love crushing your ego, just because I can. Because I have that power over you. So no matter what you do that affects me, I can always make you feel like the worthless piece of shit you are.

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2 Responses to wrote this in class.

  1. timkeen40 says:

    For anyone who has ever had to deal with a bully (I have) this is very powerful and very accurate.


  2. Artswebshow says:

    Very provocative writing.
    From personal experience with bullies, the one who’s esteem is really sinking low is theirs.
    Interesting write up here

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