Silly thing. I’m bored.

The Soundtrack to the Movie of Your Life

Here’s how it works:
1. Open iTunes
2. Put it on shuffle and press play
3. For every question, type the song that’s playing
4. Make up a Title and choose your Cast

Title: I Think I’m John Lennon (And Other Inconsequential Ramblings)
[based on the NY Times Bestseller of the book by the same title]

Emma Watson (playing Me)
Meryl Streep (as my mom)
Tom Hanks (as my dad)
Robert Downey Jr. (as the youngish teacher I have an affair with)
and Special Guest Star Chevy Chase (as my grandpa who just moved in with us)

Opening Credits: “Married Life”, Michael Giacchiano (sp?) (From the UP soundtrack)
aw, this is gonna be a really cute movie that gets sad at the end

Waking Up: “When I Come Around”, Green Day
just perfect. I can see waking up to this in real life.

First Day At School: “Almost Sorry”, Scissor Sisters
hah, well that’s kind of sad. school must suck.

Falling In Love: “Take Your Mama”, Scissor Sisters
awww, we must have so much fun together.

Fight Song: “Tell Me Why”, The Beatles
maybe a more intense cover? hahahaha

Breaking Up: “A Boy Like Me”, Patrick Wolf
hahaha, damn i can see this like during the aftermath.

Prom: “Boat Behind”, Kings of Convenience.
hmmm, good song, but i don’t see how it’ll fit

Life: “Who Loves the Sun”, Velvet Underground
and cue montage!

Mental Breakdown: “Hang Me Up to Dry”, Cold War Kids
fucking perfect

Driving: “Jesus Of Suburbia”, Green Day
yeah, I can see that.

Flashback: “Young Folks”, Peter, Bjorn, & John
hahahahah must be a fun flashback

Wedding: “Girl Is On My Mind”, The Black Keys
damn, that must be a fucking badass wedding. great song.

Birth of Child: “Nobody Told Me”, John Lennon

Final Battle: “Give Me Novacaine”, Green Day
fuck, is my final battle with a drug addiction?

Death Scene: “This Time Tomorrow”, The Kinks
fuck that’s depressing

Funeral Song: “Oh, Sweet Nuthin'”, The Velvet Underground
aw, that’s sweetish.

End Credit: “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”, The Band
Wow. It really makes you feel like you’ve learned a lesson… but like, a good one

I smell an oscar

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3 Responses to Silly thing. I’m bored.

  1. Jingle says:

    well done..

    have a lovely weekend…

  2. Scent of my heart says:

    Nice post! Enjoyed reading!

  3. Scent of my heart says:

    Greetings! How is your weekend?

    This is Blaga from Jingle Poetry :

    You are invited to join us this Sunday for our Monday Poetry Potluck Week 19, we are open 8pm, American Central, will remain open for 72 hours, yet, you get better traffic when you link in early.

    if you fall short writing a theme related piece, feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems…Best Regards.

    You have a lovely blog, your poetry radiate and it is our greatest pleasure to have you being part of our growing community. Hope to see you in..sign in to follow our blog if you can!

    We value your support and would be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you with possible concerns…

    Best Wishes for your day.

    Week 19 Theme: Rules, regulations, and law

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