Obligatory Graduation Reflection Blog

It’s been a while, but I felt like this deserved a blog post. You know, for thoughts that are more than 140 characters, but still not long enough to publish.

What can you say about graduation that hasn’t already been said? Things are changing. You’ll probably never speak to many of these people for the rest of your life. College is going to really allow you to explore yourself in ways that weren’t possible before.

But I guess at the same time, everyone looks at graduating a little differently. Some are apt to focus more on the end of things – the end of adolescence and the small traces of childhood that it carried. Things will never be the way they once were, and if things were particularly good for some, change will be sad and unwelcome. Others focus on the start – the start of adulthood, the freedoms and challenges that come with it. Every choice from now on will be your own and will have a more significant impact on your future. From now on, it’s your life. However daunting it may seem, the prospect also engenders an aroused interest in what lies ahead.

I think I’m just wondering how I feel about it. I can’t really claim to feel either of those things completely. Sometimes I think about the past, but I don’t necessarily miss it. Sometimes I think about the future, but I can never imagine what I want mine to be really like, so my expectations aren’t really high – closer to non-existant. Right now I feel nothing because there is nothing to feel anything about. Yeah, graduation was yesterday, but nothing’s changed yet. Jenny’s still next door. Nikki and Alison are across the hall. I’m still driving the van around Vienna all the time. It’s just summer; I never really miss anyone. And if I do, I’ll call them. I think I’ll be ready to reflect when I’m sitting in my college dorm. Because that’s when I’ll be able to tell you the things I remember about being a high-schooler. What are the things that are really gonna stick out to me in memory when I’m old enough to look back?

The thing is, I just don’t feel like anything at Marshall is going to be that important to think about later on.

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